The Benefits of a Microlearning Course Library

Apr 16, 2018Insights

Microlearning has been around for a few years now and has been changing the way employees learn in the workplace. No longer do employees have to sit through long, tedious courses or wait weeks for the next face-to-face course just to get the answer to a question – they can get it in a few minutes.

So what are the key benefits of a microlearning course library?

Increased ROI

Often at the forefront of peoples minds is the cost. Training budgets tend to be one of the first to be cut when companies need to reign in their spending (which is a shame as effective staff training is crucial to the success of a company but thats a separate article)! With a microlearning course library staff instantly have access to a huge range of courses right from their desk or mobile device at any time of day or night. There’s no additional travel cost, days out of the office or long waits for courses – in just a few minutes they can have completed a course and be able to put their new skills into action straight away.

Training personalised to each employee

With a microlearning course library, employees are not forced to sit through entire day courses or long, tedious online modules where they may already know most of the material. Instead, you can create tailored pathways for each individual learner or department so employees are trained in what is most relevant to them. Their manager can also enrol them in specific courses, maybe following an appraisal, to improve their skills or performance in particular areas and the employee themselves can enrol in courses to further their own professional and personal development. This way, each employee can have their own focussed training pathway which improves their skills and performance without wasting huge amounts of employee time.

Increased employee satisfaction

With a microlearning course library employees feel that you are investing in their personal development, increasing employee satisfaction levels and reducing the need for spending money hiring and training new employees. This is even more prevalent when your microlearning course library is branded with your corporate colours and logo.

Improved information retention

Microlearning stops employees becoming overloaded with information in their already busy work day as training can be done at times to suit them in small ‘bite-size’ chunks. Microlearning also makes it easier for employees to repeat a course to refresh their memory enabling better recall on the job.

Engage employees in their professional development

A microlearning course library where your employees can enrol in courses themselves makes them feel in control of their own development and professional growth. They can focus on the topics which suit their weaknesses on a schedule which suits them – over lunch or even on the train. This also gives employees the opportunity to improve their skills or even learn new ones when they are looking for a promotion or wish to increase their ability. By creating this drive to learn more your employees will become better skilled and more content.


With the correct implementation of a microlearning course library employees can receive focussed training tailored to their needs while employers can receive a vastly increased ROI and a more agile workforce.

On Business training provides microlearning course libraries which can even be branded with your corporate colours and logo. Contact one of our friendly advisors today to find out more.

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With the correct implementation of a microlearning course library employees can receive focussed training tailored to their needs while employers can receive a vastly increased ROI and a more agile workforce.

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