Engaging, high-quality digital learning courses, infographics and animations

Just in time learning

Our microlearning courses can be accessed at any time online on any device so no more long waits for training sessions.

Responsive, always

We only design responsive content which can be accessed on any device – computers, tablets and smartphones alike.

Secure, scalable platform

Our secure microlearning platform is accessible anytime and effortlessly scales to thousands of users, even across different countries.


Better knowledge retention

Our microlearning courses improve knowledge retention and empower your learners with self-directed, engaging content.

Custom branding

Our microlearning courses and platform can be branded with your company logo, colours and even fonts to ensure that it perfectly ‘fits’.


Detailed, intuitive reporting

Managers can easily track in depth all of their staff training progress including our face-to-face training courses.

Microlearning Modules

Highly effective learning resources available anytime, anywhere

Compliance for Receivables Financiers

Ensure you remain compliant by training staff including Data Protection, Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Bribery & Corruption and more. Designed for receivables financiers with industry-specific scenarios and examples.


Detecting & Preventing Fraud in Receivables Finance

Ensure your staff know the warning signs of receivables finance fraud and how they can prevent it from occuring.


Custom Microlearning Courses

We create engaging, interactive digital content so your staff have active learning experiences resulting in increased knowledge and skills retention. So whether it is a refresh of existing content or something completely new we can help ensure the best approach for your organisation.

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Custom Microlearning Courses

Looking for engaging, responsive & intuitive microlearning?

Reimagine Existing Content

You provide us with your existing digital learning content and we reimagine and refresh your content into new, responsive microlearning to increase engagement and knowledge retention.

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Bespoke Microlearning Courses

We create you brand new, responsive, bespoke microlearning courses including animations and infographics to engage your learners and improve their knowledge retention.

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