The Benefits of Tailored eLearning Pathways

Apr 20, 2018Insights

Employees in 2018 are demanding engaging elearning which is relevant to their job role and their experience. Giving all employees long compliance courses or tedious onboarding just doesn’t cut it for today’s corporate learners. They want a tailored elearning pathway which provides a learning experience personalised to their needs.

So how can this be achieved?

Before we get onto the benefits of tailored elearning pathways for staff training we will briefly touch on a few methods of achieving this. Firstly, a key method of giving a tailored elearning experience to staff is to evaulate whether they are really required to complete all of their compliance courses. Does everyone need to complete all of the compliance courses or are you just giving everyone the same compliance courses because it’s easy for you? There are obviously many compliance courses which will apply to all staff but many companies find that some compliance courses are being needlessly completed by certain staff members, not only wasting their time but also de-motivating them from seeking further training to enhance their performance.

Secondly, a microlearning course library can be an excellent way to enable giving each staff member a personalised learning experience with very little extra effort. With a large library of courses to choose from, each department or job-role can be given specifically curated elearning pathways to follow, ensuring their training is tailored to their specific job-role needs. Each manager can then create tailored elearning pathways for individual staff members based on areas where they individually could improve ensuring focussed training which has the most impact in the shortest period of time. Of course, each staff member can also enrol in courses that they feel would benefit their own development too so training doesn’t just become prescriptive.

So what are the key benefits of tailored elearning pathways?

Staff are more engaged with their training

One of the key decisions related to corporate training is looking at the investment compared with the increase in effectiveness. This is of course important, but you should also compare the investment with engagement – if staff are not going to use the resource it’s effectiveness will be zero! With a tailored elearning pathway every piece of training feels relevant to the individual learner enhancing their engagement with their training. This results in staff having a much higher level of engagement with their training, leading to benefits for both the individual and the company. Individuals will perform better in their job role and feel inspired to seek out further learning and development opportunities, while companies can enjoy better employee retention rates and a more efficient and agile workforce.

Give staff customised feedback

Not every member of staff has the same level of experience or knowledge as the others – so why are employees often all put through the same courses? Just because it is easier for the training department is not a sufficient excuse and is also wasting the valuable time of some staff members while not providing others with enough information. With a tailored elearning pathway staff can receive customised feedback within their training to enhance their learning, allowing them to learn from their mistakes and indicate which further training may be appropriate to them allowing them to focus on the training relevant to them and make their training experience more enjoyable.

Staff training is more efficient

As with tailored elearning pathways employees are not wasting their time being forced to undertake elearning courses which are not relevant to them their training is much more focussed and efficient. This leaves employees with more time to focus on their job and a more inspiring learning experience, keeping your staff content and wasting less vaulable business time. 

Increased ROI

As mentioned earlier tailored elearning pathways can result in better employee retention rates and better employee satisfaction rates leading to a reduced staff turnover. This obviously saves the huge costs of hiring and training lots of new employees. With more efficient training, too, your staff less time on their training and more time working with the same training results.


It doesn’t need to require a huge amount of effort or expense to provide your employees with personalised elearning pathways and it can make a huge difference to both their learning and their satisfaction.


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The Benefits of Tailored eLearning Pathways

Employees in 2018 are demanding engaging elearning which is relevant to their job role and their experience. They want a tailored elearning pathway which provides a learning experience personalised to their needs.

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