Principles of Stock Financing

An essential course for all involved in stock-financing facilities, either as an add-on to invoice-financing or as a stand-alone facility.
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Who is this course appropriate for?

Lending against assets is fundamentally different from factoring or invoice discounting. Covering the basic principles of lending right the way through to the practical means of exiting a stock-lending facility you will learn about collateral security and operational aspects of the lending facility making this course suitable for all.

It is particularly suitable sales staff, client managers and auditors plus all operational staff involved in managing stock financing facilities. Prior experience of a range of clients in various sectors will enable delegates to quickly assimilate their learning during this course.

Content Summary

  • Legal differences – purchasing receivables vs inventory financing
  • Suitable sectors for stock financing
  • Stock profiling
  • Calculating funding facilites on inventory
  • Security retentions
  • Unsecured creditors
  • Costing & pricing of stock facilities
  • Security
  • Auditing inventory
  • In-house management of stock financing facilities

Delegate Development Outcomes

  • Delegates learn to securely provide financing against inventory
  • Loss-minimisation whilst maintaining income & service levels is a focal learning outcome
  • Understand how lending differs fundamentally from purchasing receivables
  • How to spot a good inventory-funding prospect
  • Effective auditing of the collateral and why it is essential to security
  • Pre-determined secure exit strategies are a must-have skill which is developed during the course
My trainer had exceptional specialist knoweldge.

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