Principles of Receivables Financing - Introductory

An introductory course on the principles of invoice financing covering a range of products in our dynamically developing industry.
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Who is this course appropriate for?

An introductory course for those new to the invoice financing (factoring and invoice discounting) industry. An effective means of induction to the industry which helps new entrants overcome the steep learning curve encountered when entering this niche arena.

Particularly useful for the induction of operations staff, sales, marketing and client management personnel, staff who have worked within the industry for only a year or two, or those who have been employed in other sectors of the financial services industry.

Content Summary

  • Our dynamic industry – the growth of receivables financing
  • Our client base – the UK SME sector
  • The funding needs we satisfy
  • Trade credit & the cash flow gap
  • Credit risk
  • Our services – the range of invoice discounting & factoring products
  • Servicing the clients & their customers’ needs
  • Cutting through the jargon
  • Responsible financing, ethical practice & pricing

This workshop includes syndicate activities and role-play where delegates learn negotiating traits, including the balancing of power in practical simulated situations. By learning to understand themselves attendees will vastly improve outcomes in future workplace negotiations.

Delegate Development Outcomes

New entrants to our industry face a steep learning curve just in terms of cutting through the jargon. Your staff will learn the meaning of such terminology as, ‘receivables’, ‘bad debt protection’, ‘CHOCs’, ‘working capital’, ‘client account’ ‘reassignment’ & ‘recourse’, amongst others.

Your staff will begin to understand the ‘big picture’ of our industry and how their role fits into this dynamic sector of our economy.  A participatory workshop where your staff will grow in confidence to fully meet the potential of their role within our exciting industry.

Can’t wait to attend future courses!

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