Principles of Receivables Financing - Advanced

An advanced course on the principles of invoice financing covering the full range of products in our dynamically developing industry.
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Who is this course appropriate for?

An advanced course on the principles of receivables financing and other asset lending for those who have been in the industry a while and wish to develop their understanding of our dynamic niche industry.

The course is also suitable for seasoned financial services experts who are moving into the receivables and asset financing industry perhaps from a mainstream banking background. It is also a very useful course for those in sales who wish to understand the full range of theirs and their competitor products and for experienced line managers and operational staff who wish to understand the dynamic developments which have occurred in our industry over recent years.

Content Summary

  • Developments in receivables financing and inventory & asset financing principles
  • Pricing our products to match customer expectations & competition
  • Export & import invoice financing
  • Direct & indirect export financing
  • Principles of merchant finance, letters of credit & other sources of international trade finance
  • Non-recourse invoice financing & the issues of protracted default
  • Introduction to inventory finance & stock profiling
  • Responsible practices in invoice & asset financing
  • Recruitment finance & other ‘full service’ facilites
  • Legal issues relating to invoice financing, stock financing & asset lending

Delegate Development Outcomes

Delegates will already have experience of invoice financing or corporate lending in financial services.

Your staff will gain detailed understanding of the full range of trade and invoice finance products plus inventory and asset lending principles. The legal framework will be covered so that your staff have a sound grasp of the rights and responsibilities owed to your clients which will aid their confidence in handling all client situations.

Fantastic course!

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