Insolvency Law & Debtor Litigation

Understand the legal principles of insolvency & the effect that insolvency of a client or guarantor has on the financing arrangements.
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Who is this course appropriate for?

An essential course for recoveries teams and collect-out staff who may need to instigate legal proceedings against potential bad debts on client ledgers, or even against guarantors or clients.

Credit controllers will also find knowledge of the debtor litigation process of significant benefit to inform their practice of ‘going legal’ where debtors are in default.

Content Summary

  • The Insolvency Acts
  • Bankruptcy & Liquidation
  • Company & Individual Voluntary Arrangements
  • Administration & administrative receivership
  • Instigating litigation
  • The costs of obtaining judgement
  • Executing judgement
  • Pursuing guarantors
  • How contracts can be set aside
  • Guarantor & indemnifier action & pitfalls

This is a workshop-based course so the emphasis is on the practical application of insolvency laws and litigation procedures to inform delegates of the importance of various industry practices and procedures.

Delegate Development Outcomes

By the end of the course delegates will have a firm grasp of the underpinning legal principles of contract law and how contracts with guarantors and indemnifiers can be set aside in certain circumstances. Delegates will have a firm grasp of the documentation required to issue litigation proceedings against potential bad debts on the ledger, or for pursuing cases of fraud.

Delegates will also understand the rights and responsibilities contained within their own Master Financing Agreements which relate to client responsibilities and invoice financier’s rights in the case of insolvency.

Very good and very relevant.

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