Field Auditing Techniques

An essential course for all risk-evaluators in audit, client management, survey and new business.
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Who is this course appropriate for?

This course will develop the skills of field-based auditors and desk-top in-house auditing for invoice-financing, specifically invoice discounting but also factoring audits where these occur. Additionally, personnel involved with in-house risk mitigation will benefit greatly from the course which is also relevant for those undertaking inventory audits, sales-ledger verification and front-end due diligence audits including surveys.

The course is valuable for Auditors, Surveyors, Client Managers, and Business Development staff who undertake audits of new business propositions and existing clients.

Content Summary

  • Sales ledger analysis & debt verification
  • Sales ledger profiling
  • Interpreting statistics
  • Purchase ledger & creditor analysis
  • Working capital position & cash flow cycle
  • Business continuity & catastrophe analysis
  • Industrial sector risk
  • Product evaluation & nature of service
  • Management capability evaluation
  • Supporting security asessment
  • Financial statements analysis & interpretation
  • Understanding the potential for fraud & insolvency

Delegate Development Outcomes

Delegates work in discussion with their syndicate to consider a wide range of practical issues and offer solutions in a problem-based-learning workshop. Feedback and analysis informs whole group learning of real-life scenarios. A lively interactive learning environment ensures delegates share and learn best-practice in a vibrant industry which continues to evolve and requires new solutions to risk mitigation.

Prior experience of interpreting basic financial information is a pre-requisite as delegates will enhance these skills during the course.

Learned a lot! Looking forward to putting it all into practice.

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