Client Relationship Management

Professionally-trained client managers are pivotal to client longevity & maintenance of income streams whilst minimising client loss.
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Who is this course appropriate for?

Maintaining longevity of client life requires cultivation of excellent client relationships. This course develops the skills necessary to foster longer client life and is therefore appropriate for everyone in the receivables and asset-lending industry who has contact with clients.
The one-day course is suitable for all operations staff and client executives or client managers new to their role or to the industry.

The two-day course is a more advanced client management course which, in addition to the client-centred focussed approached learned on day one, leads on to maintaining the difficult balance between risk mitigation and exemplary client service and satisfaction in day two.

Content Summary

Day One

  • Client relations in financial services
  • The internal customer
  • Total quality management (TQM)
  • Linking customer-service roles to the external client
  • Maintaining service levels in turbulent times
  • Managing conflict & negotiation techniques
  • Communication excellence
  • Telephone skills (including TDV)


Day Two

  • Prioritising your portfolio
  • Working to pareto’s 80/20 rule
  • Fire-fighting vs proactivity
  • Maximising service whilst balancing risk
  • Maintaining income streams
  • Monitoring risk
  • Running client meetings effectively

Delegate Development Outcomes

  • Client contact becomes more productive
  • Portfolio management that is proactive rather than reactive
  • Lengthened client life
  • Increased client satisfaction levels
  • Increased client income
  • Reduced client losses
  • Enhanced professional reputation
The course was very relevant to the invoice finance industry.

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