Business Law & Insolvency

Understand statute that affects your corporation and the insolvency measures which your customers may face.
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Who is this course appropriate for?

This Course is useful for all those involved with: business contracts or documentation, sales or customer management (including litigation against debtors). Line Managers and Directors who wish to understand the law relating to corporate bodies and responsibilities of directors would also benefit.

Recent changes in the law relating to insolvency make this course a must for all those who wish to understand creditor’s rights in various insolvent situations.

Content Summary

  • Law relating to corporate bodies & unincorporated firms
  • Sources of law & commercial contract law
  • Statute relating to businesses: The Companies Act, Insolvency Acts, The Enterprise Act & The Sale & Supply of Goods Act
  • Litigation against potential debtors & potential defences
  • The different types of insolvency: Administration, CVA, Liquidation & Bankruptcy
  • Case law & the practical effect of English law on commercial courts

The depth of this course makes it suitable for delegates who already have a basic understanding of commercial law which they wish to develop further.

Delegate Development Outcomes

Delegates will receive a detailed training manual covering all of the areas of law studied during this one day course. Learning outcomes are achieved via group syndicate activities on selected examples relating to the areas of law discussed during the day.

Any practical experience which attendees are able to draw on during the group activities will be of value. A participatory involvement is encouraged throughout to maximise achieved learning outcomes.

Very informative and detailed course.

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